The Pitching Secrets Podcast

The Pitching Secrets Podcast

Hosted by: Andy Powers

Welcome to The Pitching Secrets Podcast! This show is designed with the parent of a baseball player in mind, who wants to learn more about the intricacies of the game of baseball and being a pitcher, while still...


Understanding How Run & Gun and Weighted Ball Velocity Translates

Episode #49

Without a doubt, throwing and training approaches of weighted balls and high performance throwing drills like the Run & Gun are a big part of pitchers training.   But a question that I get a lot from coaches is...
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How To Help A Pitcher Come Back From Injury

Episode #48

I got an email from a dad, who I also think was his son's coach, telling me about how his son got injured, but is now cleared to start participating again and he wanted to know what he should do.   This is a great...
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Becoming A Pitching Boss

Episode #47

In today's episode, I want to take you through my journey in becoming a Pitching Coach and a lot of the tips, tricks and traits that I believe are necessary to doing it well that I picked up along the way.   Remember,...
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The One Playbook Away Challenge

Episode #46

A little while back, I went through a 30 day challenge for my business, where there was a BIG goal at the end of the 30 days that would be accomplished, but it would be pieced out over 30 days, so it was little bits...
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3 Questions

Episode #45

While listening to a podcast myself, I heard the speaker tell a story about how a friend of his came up with 3 questions that he began asking his dad that he believed helped make him a much better father. I couldn't...
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Coming Out Of Quarantine

Episode #44

The baseball community is starting to be able to come back out of quarantine and start playing games and practicing again... As exciting as that is, there is an inherent risk that we may not have otherwise ever seen...
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The Worst Combination In Baseball

Episode #43

There is a position combination that I am seeing more and more of out there, especially at the youth levels, but I'm now seeing it at the High School level as well. This is, by far, the worst combination to put your...
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Process vs. Results

Episode #42

As coaches, we are always (or should be) trying to get our players to focus on the process of what they are doing and not so much on the results. Although results matter, the process is the secret. In this episode...
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The Purpose Of A Mound Visit

Episode #41

Few coaches recognize and/or understand the importance of strategically timed mound visit. It can either save the pitcher, save the inning and save the game.....or lose it all. But when you take that visit, do you...
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Building Your Culture

Episode #36

An aspect of every successful team and every successful pitching staff is the aspect of Culture. If your culture is terrible, I can pretty much guarantee that the performance of your team will reflect that. On the...
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How To Deal With A Stubborn Head Coach

Episode #40

If you are a Pitching Coach, there's a really good chance that you are an Assistant Coach on the coaching staff. Not only that, but if there's 3 or more of you on the staff, you are probably the "low man" on the totem...
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Equipment On A $350 Budget

Episode #39

I don't know if I've ever been around a baseball program that had a virtually unlimited budget. In fact, the programs I've been around had the extreme opposite instead. In this episode, I'll take you through a story...
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